What can Grade offer you?

At Grade, we like to work together and help each other out. We believe in setting high goals, having fun and working towards continuous improvement in everything we do. We have high ambitions for both individuals and the company's development, while at the same time we value a friendly work environment, where everyone is welcome. To create a strong community, we have a number of initiatives in social activities, and with a generous health care contribution, we put health first. Do you prefer playing paddle, table tennis, running, FIFA, breakfast or Thursday coffee? With us you get everything!

Our values


We encourage creativity and are open to new techniques and ways of working.


We encourage, praise and help both employees and customers.


We collaborate across borders and help each other through knowledge exchange and continuous feedback.

Some of our Grade employees

The first time I visited the office in Trollhättan, I felt at home immediately. It was easy to become a part of the team here. As system developers, we work towards common goals, so a strong team spirit is crucial, and that truly exists at Grade. We also have many great benefits, and we do fun things together, but I believe the positive atmosphere is what makes people want to work with us.

Beatrice Svensson

Developer, Grade Trollhättan

I like that the job varies so much. We are a small team with good team spirit, and everyone has the space to express their opinions and put their own mark on what they do. As a leader, it's important for me to meet my team; it adds value to see reactions and interact with each other. At Grade, everyone is seen and heard, and because it is such an open environment, new ideas and approaches are welcomed.

Arvid Pilhall

Head of Development, Grade Lund

The most fun part of my job is that I'm constantly learning new things and evolving in my role. It can be about technology, new requirements from the outside world, or new products that we've developed or acquired. Additionally, I have fantastic colleagues. I appreciate working with different team configurations, often focusing on solving our customers' challenges. At work, I always feel appreciated; there's a high degree of openness, quick decision-making, and there are always opportunities for those who want to advance their careers internally. We are on an exciting journey with a lot happening and high potential.

Sofia Linder

Sales Manager Public, Grade Stockholm

I have fun at work, and I really enjoy my colleagues and work tasks. I also appreciate the fact that we work in smaller teams, allowing us to be involved in the decisions made. We simply have the freedom to be creative and contribute our own ideas, and we never need to feel restricted to just executing something that someone else has decided. Being part of developing Grade's products gives me a sense of making a difference; I know that we create excellent tools, and my work is meaningful.

Kristoffer Högberg

Lead Developer, Grade Stockholm

It's fun to work with our products, as it allows for more long-term work, creativity, and the opportunity to shape, design, or build from scratch. Decision-making processes are short, so things get done quickly. As a system developer you have the chance to work on everything from front-end and back-end to databases and operations. This means constant development and gaining new knowledge in our work. If you're interested in technology and doing different things, you'll thrive at Grade.

Anja Jarlskog

Tech lead and teamleader, Grade Lund

I was particularly drawn to the position at Grade because I became part of a tight-knit developing team that was in the process of modernizing the solution. In addition to the welcoming culture, and the privilege to be part of decision making, I also value the impact Grade's work has on society. I get to be part of something meaningful in a company that grows and thrive.

Sverrir Steindorsson

Developer, Grade Refensa

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The Grade family

Grade Group consisting of Grade Talent, Realcruit, Refensa, Varbi and Workbuster is building a best of breed group within HR software and offers solutions for talent acquisition, learning and development management.


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Tech Lund
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